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Hipster Rapper Challenges The Uprise In Hate With Latest Song
The invisible opponent that we have all battled for years has taken a physical form as of late. Sometimes, you have no choice, but to embrace that hate and call it out. Upcoming Texas artist Buddy Cheeks embraces the hate on his latest track, […]

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Sample Blog Post

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So You Want To Be A Mogul

The Money. The Power. The Cars. The Houses.  These are all the things that are usually associated with a successful business mogul.  Unfortunately, these are the exact same things that naively inspire people to chase the dream of building their own business empire. In my opinion, this is terribly wrong and will most likely […]

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Catching Up On The Competition

Donald Trump knows the secret.  Bill Zinger knows the secret.  Diddy knows the secret.  Even Buddy Cheeks knows the secret.  And guess what?  I have no choice but to share it with my mogul colleagues.  You may be thinking big secret, big deal.  But I counter with the fact that the three people I […]

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Hard Work Paying Off vs Paying Off Hard Work

My family and friends will all attest to this one…lol. I spend far too much time working on my latest and greatest idea or business venture.  The end result is I am always going to bed when the sun is getting up even though I have to get right back up in an hour […]

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Never Mistake Achievement For Effort

Hello fellow moguls! A new year is sneaking up on us. I am sure you know what that brings, new goals, new plans, and new hope for achievement. I know that this month I am focused on increasing traffic in addition to my monthly earnings. For those of you that have been following me, […]

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High Salaries – The Modern Day Slave Whip

Most people dream of landing a job with a salary large enough to fill all of their needs. With a high salary, they won’t want for anything. They can have the house of their dreams, the car they always wanted, and all the gadgets and gizmos they can get their hands on. If they […]

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The Couch Potato Millionaire Guide

Just in case you don’t know exactly what a Couch Potato Millionaire is, close your eyes and imagine this. You are sitting on an over-sized, auto reclining, theater style sofa with your favorite beverage in one hand and the remote in the other. It is 11 AM and you are enjoying your new office […]

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My “Money Back Guarantee” Way To Get An Idea Off The Ground Quickly

One of my greatest discoveries over the past decade has been the understanding of the Lean Startup Concept. If you have been following my blog, you will know that I write about this a lot, and for good reason. This stuff is the foundation to my success and diversity in several industries. Eric Ries […]

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