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Hipster Rapper Challenges The Uprise In Hate With Latest Song

P100999.jpgThe invisible opponent that we have all battled for years has taken a physical form as of late. Sometimes, you have no choice, but to embrace that hate and call it out. Upcoming Texas artist Buddy Cheeks embraces the hate on his latest track, #H8Mail (Hate Mail).

#H8Mail is a farewell letter to all types of haters, ranging from two-faced frenemies to trolls with platforms via blogs sites and social media pages. Over an Atari-pong infused 808, Cheeks calls out each type of hater in every color they may come in. Throughout the fire three-minute track, Cheeks beats his opponents with the only weapon that can work on a hater: Success.

Buddy Cheeks gave a quick insight into his mindset while creating this track “Hate Mail is kind of a lighthearted shot at the individuals out there forcing this negativity onto others. Whether it’s bullies at school, trolls on social media or even family members, I wanted to point them out. If you listen to the song, you can see that I’m taunting them like, I see you, but you can’t harm me. Most importantly of all, you are probably hating because you are not me and want to be on my level.”

Cheeks ends the track with a quick audio cameo from one of the most notorious haters in the game, the original hater “Ice-T”. Ice-T cameo comes from one of the most notable skits from the legendary Chappelle Show skit, The Playa Hater’s Ball.

Currently, Buddy Cheeks is prepping the release of the visuals for Hate Mail. In the meantime, check out the track along with the source material for the Ice-T appearance.

Stream #H8Mail Here

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P1000395“We all were created to be great, and I just want to show people how to be great!”  Spend anytime in the recording studio with Buddy Cheeks and you will hear this mantra over and over again.  Being a grassroot producer and artist, music has given the self proclaimed hippie rapper a platform to do so.  In his recordings and visual media, Cheeks draws influences from the sizeable number of Hip-Hop eras he has endured through.  Fans can expect anything from high energy rock infused tracks to sing along melody driven anthems.  He takes a free flowing yet calculated approach to song creation in order to catch the true essence of his music in a similar fashion to a few of his favorites such as Common, Kanye West and Bob Dylan.  However, his current sound falls more into the category of a Mac Miller or Isaiah Rashad.

After a 5 year layoff to master tech entrepreneurship, Cheeks is aggressively moving to elevate his brand to a widely recognized force.  With a new single titled Hate Mail that was brought to life via a collaboration with producer Vybe Beatz (Meek Mill, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa) and Dilan Rajan (Big Sean, ASAP Ferg, Mannie Fresh), his Square Circle label is already claiming a billboard spot prior to its official release.

Buddy Cheeks reaches his full potential as a rapper, producer, author, entrepreneur, influencer and software developer.  All of which combine to form a skillset perfectly suited for a new age musician. After creating his own tech company and selling his first app for 6 figures by the age of 30, Cheeks is circling back to his first love with resources to put his money where his mouth is.  With a his new single, his Hall of Fame Reject project, and an associated movie by the same name in the works, it’s hard to envision a future without his sounds circulating air waves.


Sample Blog Post

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So You Want To Be A Mogul

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The Money. The Power. The Cars. The Houses.  These are all the things that are usually associated with a successful business mogul.  Unfortunately, these are the exact same things that naively inspire people to chase the dream of building their own business empire. In my opinion, this is terribly wrong and will most likely cost you more money than it will make you.  The truth about running your own business is that it is HARD and unpredictable. Steve Jobs once stated that people who get jobs are the smart people and the entrepreneurs are the crazy folks.  After years and years of triumphs and setbacks I am beginning to think he is right.  However, if you still think you are ’bout that Mogul Life, then read on.

The first thing I will say is that you need to live by the lean business model practices with every project you start.  You will fail sometimes.  So fail fast!  What do I mean by fail fast?  I mean that you should always be learning and taking notes from your failures.  Never make the same mistake twice.  I have noticed that this is one of the traits that make the experts so valuable.  They have personally made the mistakes and learned well from them.  So when a project does not work out for you, its not simply “On To The Next One”.  Take the time to assess where you possibly went wrong and be sure to address those same issues while brainstorming for your next project.  Otherwise, you will get caught up in an endless loop of failure.

My other golden piece of advise is, plan, plan and plan some more.  Things will constantly change while you are clawing your way to mogul status.  Thus, you really have to assess your current situation and plan how you will move or execute.  Although you can’t be reactive to every little issue that comes your way, this level of planning will allow you to be effectively agile with your business.  Don’t take the last statement lightly! This is extremely important in today’s face paced business world.  Make it a habit to take time on Sunday to plan how you will take over the world in the upcoming week.  Be detailed and put timelines on your action.  Then take the time at the end of every work day to plan out how you can effectively accomplish the smaller action items you set for the next day.  If you run into issues call a small audible for the next day.  Be sure to scratch all the items that you completed off of your to do list.  This should have you on a real path to success.

Last but not least.  Reward yourself and celebrate your accomplishments no matter how small they are.  Don’t go overboard and buy a new house or obtain new debt.  A simple upscale dinner, a day off or a night out on the town will all help your brain realize that you are making progress and moving forward to living that mogul life.  Keep this up for the next year or two and you can start to queue in the…The Money. The Power. The Cars. The Houses.

Catching Up On The Competition

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Donald Trump knows the secret.  Bill Zinger knows the secret.  Diddy knows the secret.  Even Buddy Cheeks knows the secret.  And guess what?  I have no choice but to share it with my mogul colleagues.  You may be thinking big secret, big deal.  But I counter with the fact that the three people I referenced (aheem…4 if I may),  are all very successful in their respective fields.  Due to this, they knew when they started their mogul adventures that success was guaranteed.  The only thing that separated them from their dreams was hard work.  As you read this article, notice that I am talking in past tense.  All of their dreams and goals came to fruition through the intense faith and passion they possessed for getting what they wanted out of life.   I keep mentioning hard work, intensity, and passion because it leads me to my next mogul phrase:  “Catch up with the competition while they sleep.”

There is no need for me to put together a drawn out blueprint for this blog.  I just wanted to bring it to your attention that the next time that you are tired after a 12 hour workday, the next mogul is out there working on his 18th  hour to widen the gap between you and him/her.  If you are just beginning in your industry I must inform you that YOU ARE ALREADY BEHIND THE CURVE.  You have to make up for your late start and plan for advancing at much faster rate than an established company.  So, from one mogul to another I want to warn you that it is time to grab you a venti cup from Starbucks or grab another pack of redbull from Wal-Mart.  If you plan to be really successful, you are in for several long nights of hard work.  Take it from Cheeks…I am speaking from first-hand experience.

Hard Work Paying Off vs Paying Off Hard Work

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My family and friends will all attest to this one…lol. I spend far too much time working on my latest and greatest idea or business venture.  The end result is I am always going to bed when the sun is getting up even though I have to get right back up in an hour or two.   I do this because I believe in the idea so much.  However,  my hunch, research or business angle is not always 100% correct.  Thus, if the venture does not work out,  I have to be honest, I am usually depressed for a short period of time due to all the hard work I put in. HARD WORK!  You know that essential concept that our parents consistently drilled into our heads as kids. Well, the more truly successful people I come into contact with and the more I experience success, the more I am starting to question my  parents teaching.  Sorry mom…everything else was golden, but I don’t know about this one. Now before you get all worked up, I must make it clear that sometimes there is no replacement for hard work.  But to tell the truth, I am striving to be the next Couch Potato Millionaire if the universe will let me. In order to accomplish this I have to learn to put major focus on Paying off hard workers instead working hard for a payoff.

This is usually the point in my conversation with wanna be moguls where they begin to insert excuses and any other bullshit they pull out of thin air.  I continue to hear it all, from child care is too expensive to the fact that they spent their last money on getting their car out of the shop.  I know, I know, I understand…and just in case you didn’t hear me the first time, bullshit!  I will be nice and tell you exactly what I tell my son.  “We all have excuses, and the crazy thing about them is most of the time they are valid.”  However, the hardcore fact is that you have self inflicted roadblocks getting in the way of your dreams.  In fact, you need to look at them in the same way some of my gangster buddies look at it.  Those roadblocks are fucking with your money…and you just can’t allow that.

Now that we established that fact that most people will have excuses and that there are no reasons to not move forward, lets get back to the lecture at hand.  In fact, lets look at a few examples for paying off hard work.  First and foremost, money does not have to be the medium for paying off hard work!  Think about it.  If you give someone money in return for their services, what are they going to do?  More than likely they will purchase food, entertainment or some sort of service.  Now imagine if you could provide them with that food or service either directly or indirectly through a family member or friend.  Are you starting to see the power that you have at your fingertips now?  Ahh hah!!! You have now discovered the oldest form of trade, better known as bartering.  And for those of you that think it is dead and gone, think again.  I personally received a $7000 per month hosting account for 2 years based on bartering.  The development work on my Hairslayer project and Leadpath Live was based on bartering.  As a matter of fact, many of the big deals that we hear about from giant companies are based on barters.   The main reason a cash value is place on the deal is to give a common understanding to uninformed consumers.  They don’t understand anything but cash value.  You, just like myself may have been of the same mind state in the past, but I want you to wake up and smell the coffee right now!  Take weekly assessments of the friends and family around you.  Make a note of your cousin that is the best chef you have ever met.  Remember that your mother is thirsting for company and great with kids.  So now when you hear that web developer you are in need of complaining about the cost of child care, explore the possibility of you, him, and your mother working out a deal.  If all parties benefit, believe me, shit will get done.

I will keep this one brief in order to appease the people that have been complaining about my wordy rants.  However, I want to drive home this.  The next time you are assembling the plan of action for your venture, take advantage of the couch potato millionaire in you and create a list of people that can do each action item for you.  From there just ask them for the help.  You may get some nos, but you will be surprised at the help that you do receive.  I know I always am!  As a side note, I just want to let you know that you have just tricked yourself into to forming a company with you as CEO and employees with delegations.  Congratulations you are now operating JUST LIKE the big boys but for a hell of a lot cheaper.  Don’t forget to pass go and collect $200…lol.

Never Mistake Achievement For Effort

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Hello fellow moguls! A new year is sneaking up on us. I am sure you know what that brings, new goals, new plans, and new hope for achievement. I know that this month I am focused on increasing traffic in addition to my monthly earnings. For those of you that have been following me, this is my second post directly aimed at internet marketing. Although I gave you a broad overview of the industry itself, I felt like I needed to go back to the basics before I began to dig into some of the industry secrets.

Newbie Initiation

After reading some of the helpful IM(Internet Marketing) forums, I noticed a common pattern between all newbies. No matter how many commenters told them that testing and tracking was the name of the game, the newbies continued to reply that they were going to do some studying or buy another training program. Let me be the first to tell you folks. You will not make money on the internet until you try to make money on the internet. I am surprised to see the number individuals that enter the internet marketing community and spend up to their first year studying and “expanding their knowledge”. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe in becoming educated in you r craft. However, why do their campaigns start out with the same amount of profits as newbies that lack the extra year? The determining factor is experience. You have to get some skin in the game to really understand Internet Marketing. Until then you will not be able to apply the information that IM mentors are trying to express to you.

Take Action Now

You are not alone, even I made the mistake of jamming my brainwaves with too much information in the beginning. But, as they always say, Learn from my experiences. Make sure you devote time to education, but restrict it to 2 to 4 hour periods. If you are in this business to create profits, then you should definitely focus on making profits. Extensive knowledge of online marketing will come with time. Let’s just make sure that you get there. So take action now! If you have any questions or road blocks in your action path, please leave a comment in the boxes below. If I can’t answer, one the fellow moguls can surely help you out.

High Salaries – The Modern Day Slave Whip

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Most people dream of landing a job with a salary large enough to fill all of their needs. With a high salary, they won’t want for anything. They can have the house of their dreams, the car they always wanted, and all the gadgets and gizmos they can get their hands on. If they can make enough money at work, the perfect life will follow. On the surface, that seems perfectly logical. Especially in hard economic times, financial freedom makes anything possible. Well based on the title you can probably guess that the truth isn’t as easy. It may seem like common sense after you think about it, but reality doesn’t work out to be a fairy tale most of the time. When a company is willing to pay an employee a high salary, they expect it to be an investment paid back in excess by time and work. In fact, I have never seen a higher salary position that came with less responsibility than a lower paying position. Regardless, we all are tirelessly motivated by money to work harder and longer. We are no different from the slaves chugging along in the hot sun catering to the master’s orders. However, today’s whip that keeps us in line and constantly producing is the all mighty dollar. A.K.A. the modern day slave whip.

A big paycheck means more opportunities, but also come with less time to take advantage of them. It means a bigger house, with a bigger mortgage. A faster car that costs more to maintain. Before long, that high salary is gone, spent on things you become too busy to appreciate. Your houses become full of your family other people recalling memories of you not being around. Your cars set idle in the garage, rarely driven beyond the road between the office and home. The people you work with become your only friends, while the people you grew up with become distant memories.

For the most part, a high salary is a red herring on the road to happiness. We celebrate the idea of being “rich,” but we conveniently ignore that “rich” is a word with more than one meaning. To be rich is to have a lot of money, but to have a rich life is less about money and more about happiness, free time, memories, friends and family. Which is why I challenge you my Mogul friends to join the the movement and begin to live more like the NEW RICH!

The NEW RICH focus more on the important things in life. Time and happiness are the currency of transactions instead of a dollar amount. Being, that we live in a capitalistic society the new rich understand that money has to be made, however, before more debt, responsibility or increased salaries

  • Do I really need this?
  • Are there better options?
  • Will this make me happier?

The next time you want encounter chance for progression ask yourself these questions and see if it guides you in the right direction. Understand that no one gets everything perfect, but simply asking the questions of the new rich will help you better assess a major decision.

The Couch Potato Millionaire Guide

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Just in case you don’t know exactly what a Couch Potato Millionaire is, close your eyes and imagine this. You are sitting on an over-sized, auto reclining, theater style sofa with your favorite beverage in one hand and the remote in the other. It is 11 AM and you are enjoying your new office in your new position as CEO of Sit On My Ass 24-7 Incorporated. That is right, you are heavily invested in all couch potato activities while your bills are paid and revenue is generated. Did you just snap back to reality saying that this is some fantasy based, out of reach lifestyle. WRONG! This life is not exclusively reserved for the offspring of wealthy families. There are people currently experiencing this lifestyle that came from the bottom just like you and I.

The all so obvious secret to this lifestyle is your business model. Your Business Model is basically how you will set up and run your business. It describes how you will make your money, how you will treat your clients and how you and your employees will operate from day to day. If you want to run your business as a Couch Potato Millionaire then you damn sure better plan your business strategy to allow for it. Jim Collins said it best in his book “Good To Great”. Where he states you need to get people on the bus or better yet working with you on your masterplan. As a sidenote, this book is a mandatory read for any aspiring mogul follow the yellow brick road and GET IT HERE!

Now back to that Couch Potato plan…..At this point I am sure most people will dig their heels into the sand and say “Stop Right There!, I dont have any money to hire folks.” Wrong! You have social currency. And if you do research on great companies, you will see that the founders usually came together on a dream and a handshake. No money involved. Therefore I suggest you map out a list of tasks that will need to occur in your new company. From there, make an assestment of everyone you may have ever met and plug in their names to fill the position. If you want to do nothing but checks, then pencil your role in as CCC or Chief Check Casher. Following this you have to talk your company into existence by recruiting these people on your bus. The key is not to worry about any No’s you get initially. If they dont say yes immediately then develop a plan to get a yes out of that person. This works! I had a guy hound me about joining his company to advise him. I told him NO a thousand times until the day I realised his relentlessnes and undeniable progress. I immediately offered my services for equity in the company with no upfront cost.

The process of recruiting is not easy but then again I cant say that it is extremely hard either. As long as you continue to share your dreams with everybody that you talk to, getting people on the bus will be a fairly easy process. Trust me, I have done it myself with major success. I make it a way of life instead creating partner recruiting as another task item on my list. I will sum it up this way….the next time someone asks you “Hey! How have you been? What have you been up to latelt?,” your standard reply needs to be all about your dream business. Mention all of the success that you have experienced and state that you are progressing so fast that you need help. Request help from them or a person that they know will be a good fit. After a few months of doing this your network of future business partners/employees should be pretty big. Lastly, I will say Get Started Now because this cost you nothing. We have just killed the “I Have No Money” excuse.

My “Money Back Guarantee” Way To Get An Idea Off The Ground Quickly

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One of my greatest discoveries over the past decade has been the understanding of the Lean Startup Concept. If you have been following my blog, you will know that I write about this a lot, and for good reason. This stuff is the foundation to my success and diversity in several industries. Eric Ries wrote a book entitled The Lean Startup that lays down all the rules. If you are not familiar with this and have dreams to become a future mogul, STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING and go read the book now. You can purchase it here.
The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses

Hopefully you have familiarized yourself with the concept of a lean business model by now and are ready to get your idea up and profitable quickly. I can hear people screaming “I Am Ready” right now. Well let’s go!

The first thing I like to do is identify the items that could get in the way of my 6 digit monthly earnings. Is it a lack of customers? A lack of inventory? A lack of skilled labor to help produce your product or service? Whatever it is, the good news is that there are always options that can solve whatever problem that gets in your way. So take the time to list your roadblocks out.

Following this, you can begin to brainstorm ways to get pass the roadblocks in the way of your millions. Go through each item on your list and draw a line through it once you have come up with an solid plan of action for it. If the ideas are coming slow, talk to your friends, family and colleagues about your issues. You will be surprised at the high calliber people that your friends are able to connext you to. Furthermore, if you talk about it enough, you will realize just as I did that there always obtainable solutions to your biggest problems.

After you have all your roadblocks flattened, it is time to get to the fun part…recruiting fans and possible funding. Now I know a lot of you aspiring moguls swear by your selling skills, and mo’ power to ya for that . but I believe a picture is worth a thousand words and a physical product is worth a million. Take a little extra time and create the cheapest prototype you can to demonstrate your product or solution. I have included several links at the bottom of this post that will help you in creating a prototype. Please do not skip this step because you will be amazed at how much this will motivate people to support or purchase your product. Needless to say, you should show your prototype to as many people as possible . Before long, you will create a mini cult following of would be consumers and investors dying to know the latest and greatest about your product.

As I look at the length of this post I am beginning to fear that this article may be running a little too long. thus, I will continue in part 2 of this post. In the next post I will be discussing inexpensive ways to turn your prototype into a “retail ready” product . As for now, these first few steps should keep you more than busy. If you have any additional questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section on this page. I will be sure to give you all the help and direction that I can.

Prototyping Resources

Low End Version

  1. Plain Old Paper & Pencil
  2. http://www.justinmind.com/prototyper/download – Create functional websites and mobile apps with no developer skills
  3. http://www.sketchup.com/ – Create models of everything from houses to product inventions

High-End Version

  1. https://www.odesk.com – Quote your price and get people to work for you
  2. http://www.thomasnet.com/ – Database of product generation professionals