Donald Trump knows the secret.  Bill Zinger knows the secret.  Diddy knows the secret.  Even Buddy Cheeks knows the secret.  And guess what?  I have no choice but to share it with my mogul colleagues.  You may be thinking big secret, big deal.  But I counter with the fact that the three people I referenced (aheem…4 if I may),  are all very successful in their respective fields.  Due to this, they knew when they started their mogul adventures that success was guaranteed.  The only thing that separated them from their dreams was hard work.  As you read this article, notice that I am talking in past tense.  All of their dreams and goals came to fruition through the intense faith and passion they possessed for getting what they wanted out of life.   I keep mentioning hard work, intensity, and passion because it leads me to my next mogul phrase:  “Catch up with the competition while they sleep.”

There is no need for me to put together a drawn out blueprint for this blog.  I just wanted to bring it to your attention that the next time that you are tired after a 12 hour workday, the next mogul is out there working on his 18th  hour to widen the gap between you and him/her.  If you are just beginning in your industry I must inform you that YOU ARE ALREADY BEHIND THE CURVE.  You have to make up for your late start and plan for advancing at much faster rate than an established company.  So, from one mogul to another I want to warn you that it is time to grab you a venti cup from Starbucks or grab another pack of redbull from Wal-Mart.  If you plan to be really successful, you are in for several long nights of hard work.  Take it from Cheeks…I am speaking from first-hand experience.