My family and friends will all attest to this one…lol. I spend far too much time working on my latest and greatest idea or business venture.  The end result is I am always going to bed when the sun is getting up even though I have to get right back up in an hour or two.   I do this because I believe in the idea so much.  However,  my hunch, research or business angle is not always 100% correct.  Thus, if the venture does not work out,  I have to be honest, I am usually depressed for a short period of time due to all the hard work I put in. HARD WORK!  You know that essential concept that our parents consistently drilled into our heads as kids. Well, the more truly successful people I come into contact with and the more I experience success, the more I am starting to question my  parents teaching.  Sorry mom…everything else was golden, but I don’t know about this one. Now before you get all worked up, I must make it clear that sometimes there is no replacement for hard work.  But to tell the truth, I am striving to be the next Couch Potato Millionaire if the universe will let me. In order to accomplish this I have to learn to put major focus on Paying off hard workers instead working hard for a payoff.

This is usually the point in my conversation with wanna be moguls where they begin to insert excuses and any other bullshit they pull out of thin air.  I continue to hear it all, from child care is too expensive to the fact that they spent their last money on getting their car out of the shop.  I know, I know, I understand…and just in case you didn’t hear me the first time, bullshit!  I will be nice and tell you exactly what I tell my son.  “We all have excuses, and the crazy thing about them is most of the time they are valid.”  However, the hardcore fact is that you have self inflicted roadblocks getting in the way of your dreams.  In fact, you need to look at them in the same way some of my gangster buddies look at it.  Those roadblocks are fucking with your money…and you just can’t allow that.

Now that we established that fact that most people will have excuses and that there are no reasons to not move forward, lets get back to the lecture at hand.  In fact, lets look at a few examples for paying off hard work.  First and foremost, money does not have to be the medium for paying off hard work!  Think about it.  If you give someone money in return for their services, what are they going to do?  More than likely they will purchase food, entertainment or some sort of service.  Now imagine if you could provide them with that food or service either directly or indirectly through a family member or friend.  Are you starting to see the power that you have at your fingertips now?  Ahh hah!!! You have now discovered the oldest form of trade, better known as bartering.  And for those of you that think it is dead and gone, think again.  I personally received a $7000 per month hosting account for 2 years based on bartering.  The development work on my Hairslayer project and Leadpath Live was based on bartering.  As a matter of fact, many of the big deals that we hear about from giant companies are based on barters.   The main reason a cash value is place on the deal is to give a common understanding to uninformed consumers.  They don’t understand anything but cash value.  You, just like myself may have been of the same mind state in the past, but I want you to wake up and smell the coffee right now!  Take weekly assessments of the friends and family around you.  Make a note of your cousin that is the best chef you have ever met.  Remember that your mother is thirsting for company and great with kids.  So now when you hear that web developer you are in need of complaining about the cost of child care, explore the possibility of you, him, and your mother working out a deal.  If all parties benefit, believe me, shit will get done.

I will keep this one brief in order to appease the people that have been complaining about my wordy rants.  However, I want to drive home this.  The next time you are assembling the plan of action for your venture, take advantage of the couch potato millionaire in you and create a list of people that can do each action item for you.  From there just ask them for the help.  You may get some nos, but you will be surprised at the help that you do receive.  I know I always am!  As a side note, I just want to let you know that you have just tricked yourself into to forming a company with you as CEO and employees with delegations.  Congratulations you are now operating JUST LIKE the big boys but for a hell of a lot cheaper.  Don’t forget to pass go and collect $200…lol.