Most people dream of landing a job with a salary large enough to fill all of their needs. With a high salary, they won’t want for anything. They can have the house of their dreams, the car they always wanted, and all the gadgets and gizmos they can get their hands on. If they can make enough money at work, the perfect life will follow. On the surface, that seems perfectly logical. Especially in hard economic times, financial freedom makes anything possible. Well based on the title you can probably guess that the truth isn’t as easy. It may seem like common sense after you think about it, but reality doesn’t work out to be a fairy tale most of the time. When a company is willing to pay an employee a high salary, they expect it to be an investment paid back in excess by time and work. In fact, I have never seen a higher salary position that came with less responsibility than a lower paying position. Regardless, we all are tirelessly motivated by money to work harder and longer. We are no different from the slaves chugging along in the hot sun catering to the master’s orders. However, today’s whip that keeps us in line and constantly producing is the all mighty dollar. A.K.A. the modern day slave whip.

A big paycheck means more opportunities, but also come with less time to take advantage of them. It means a bigger house, with a bigger mortgage. A faster car that costs more to maintain. Before long, that high salary is gone, spent on things you become too busy to appreciate. Your houses become full of your family other people recalling memories of you not being around. Your cars set idle in the garage, rarely driven beyond the road between the office and home. The people you work with become your only friends, while the people you grew up with become distant memories.

For the most part, a high salary is a red herring on the road to happiness. We celebrate the idea of being “rich,” but we conveniently ignore that “rich” is a word with more than one meaning. To be rich is to have a lot of money, but to have a rich life is less about money and more about happiness, free time, memories, friends and family. Which is why I challenge you my Mogul friends to join the the movement and begin to live more like the NEW RICH!

The NEW RICH focus more on the important things in life. Time and happiness are the currency of transactions instead of a dollar amount. Being, that we live in a capitalistic society the new rich understand that money has to be made, however, before more debt, responsibility or increased salaries

  • Do I really need this?
  • Are there better options?
  • Will this make me happier?

The next time you want encounter chance for progression ask yourself these questions and see if it guides you in the right direction. Understand that no one gets everything perfect, but simply asking the questions of the new rich will help you better assess a major decision.