Hello fellow moguls! A new year is sneaking up on us. I am sure you know what that brings, new goals, new plans, and new hope for achievement. I know that this month I am focused on increasing traffic in addition to my monthly earnings. For those of you that have been following me, this is my second post directly aimed at internet marketing. Although I gave you a broad overview of the industry itself, I felt like I needed to go back to the basics before I began to dig into some of the industry secrets.

Newbie Initiation

After reading some of the helpful IM(Internet Marketing) forums, I noticed a common pattern between all newbies. No matter how many commenters told them that testing and tracking was the name of the game, the newbies continued to reply that they were going to do some studying or buy another training program. Let me be the first to tell you folks. You will not make money on the internet until you try to make money on the internet. I am surprised to see the number individuals that enter the internet marketing community and spend up to their first year studying and “expanding their knowledge”. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe in becoming educated in you r craft. However, why do their campaigns start out with the same amount of profits as newbies that lack the extra year? The determining factor is experience. You have to get some skin in the game to really understand Internet Marketing. Until then you will not be able to apply the information that IM mentors are trying to express to you.

Take Action Now

You are not alone, even I made the mistake of jamming my brainwaves with too much information in the beginning. But, as they always say, Learn from my experiences. Make sure you devote time to education, but restrict it to 2 to 4 hour periods. If you are in this business to create profits, then you should definitely focus on making profits. Extensive knowledge of online marketing will come with time. Let’s just make sure that you get there. So take action now! If you have any questions or road blocks in your action path, please leave a comment in the boxes below. If I can’t answer, one the fellow moguls can surely help you out.