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Hipster Rapper Challenges The Uprise In Hate With Latest Song

P100999.jpgThe invisible opponent that we have all battled for years has taken a physical form as of late. Sometimes, you have no choice, but to embrace that hate and call it out. Upcoming Texas artist Buddy Cheeks embraces the hate on his latest track, #H8Mail (Hate Mail).

#H8Mail is a farewell letter to all types of haters, ranging from two-faced frenemies to trolls with platforms via blogs sites and social media pages. Over an Atari-pong infused 808, Cheeks calls out each type of hater in every color they may come in. Throughout the fire three-minute track, Cheeks beats his opponents with the only weapon that can work on a hater: Success.

Buddy Cheeks gave a quick insight into his mindset while creating this track “Hate Mail is kind of a lighthearted shot at the individuals out there forcing this negativity onto others. Whether it’s bullies at school, trolls on social media or even family members, I wanted to point them out. If you listen to the song, you can see that I’m taunting them like, I see you, but you can’t harm me. Most importantly of all, you are probably hating because you are not me and want to be on my level.”

Cheeks ends the track with a quick audio cameo from one of the most notorious haters in the game, the original hater “Ice-T”. Ice-T cameo comes from one of the most notable skits from the legendary Chappelle Show skit, The Playa Hater’s Ball.

Currently, Buddy Cheeks is prepping the release of the visuals for Hate Mail. In the meantime, check out the track along with the source material for the Ice-T appearance.

Stream #H8Mail Here

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P1000395“We all were created to be great, and I just want to show people how to be great!”  Spend anytime in the recording studio with Buddy Cheeks and you will hear this mantra over and over again.  Being a grassroot producer and artist, music has given the self proclaimed hippie rapper a platform to do so.  In his recordings and visual media, Cheeks draws influences from the sizeable number of Hip-Hop eras he has endured through.  Fans can expect anything from high energy rock infused tracks to sing along melody driven anthems.  He takes a free flowing yet calculated approach to song creation in order to catch the true essence of his music in a similar fashion to a few of his favorites such as Common, Kanye West and Bob Dylan.  However, his current sound falls more into the category of a Mac Miller or Isaiah Rashad.

After a 5 year layoff to master tech entrepreneurship, Cheeks is aggressively moving to elevate his brand to a widely recognized force.  With a new single titled Hate Mail that was brought to life via a collaboration with producer Vybe Beatz (Meek Mill, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa) and Dilan Rajan (Big Sean, ASAP Ferg, Mannie Fresh), his Square Circle label is already claiming a billboard spot prior to its official release.

Buddy Cheeks reaches his full potential as a rapper, producer, author, entrepreneur, influencer and software developer.  All of which combine to form a skillset perfectly suited for a new age musician. After creating his own tech company and selling his first app for 6 figures by the age of 30, Cheeks is circling back to his first love with resources to put his money where his mouth is.  With a his new single, his Hall of Fame Reject project, and an associated movie by the same name in the works, it’s hard to envision a future without his sounds circulating air waves.