As a music lover, you have more than likely been blanketed by it’s persuasive emotions and carried to places of happiness, peace or tranquility. You may have used it as an outlet during stressful times or simply for a quick bit of motivation when you were at a low.  Yet, one emotion that we all have experienced via the power of music is Love. And as a result, the new year finds rising indie artist Buddy Cheeks back on your playlist. But this time he’s here to shine a spotlight on love and relationships with his new song entitled Pretend.

After pumping this track through your headphones, you see that Pretend adds a little twist to the plot by exploring the new age epidemic of “Yo-Yo Relationships”.  Anyone that has ever witnessed their patience grow thin by catering to a potential significant other that was adverse to commitment will relate strongly to the song’s message.  Backed by a beautiful arrangement of jazzy classical piano riffs laid over hard hitting 808 drums, Cheeks accurately details the struggles of dealing with an on again and off again companion.  He even recruits the help of indie sensation Izzar Thomas to drive the point home with his edgy vocals and catchy wordplay on the hook.

Buddy Cheeks spoke on how he thinks the song will be received by stating “If the shoe fits wear it. I know a few guilty parties that will get offended by the song, while others will fall in love with it.”  I must admit, upon listening to Pretend, I can see why. Yo-yo relationship victims will empathize with the lyrics while offenders may criticize some of the references to their unreliable ways.

Currently, Buddy Cheeks and his Square Circle camp are prepping a regional tour to support their new music.  He also stated that he is growing extremely excited by how much fans are instantly attracted to Pretend. And I have to confess, I am a part of that collective.  You should definitely give the track a listen.