Just in case you don’t know exactly what a Couch Potato Millionaire is, close your eyes and imagine this. You are sitting on an over-sized, auto reclining, theater style sofa with your favorite beverage in one hand and the remote in the other. It is 11 AM and you are enjoying your new office in your new position as CEO of Sit On My Ass 24-7 Incorporated. That is right, you are heavily invested in all couch potato activities while your bills are paid and revenue is generated. Did you just snap back to reality saying that this is some fantasy based, out of reach lifestyle. WRONG! This life is not exclusively reserved for the offspring of wealthy families. There are people currently experiencing this lifestyle that came from the bottom just like you and I.

The all so obvious secret to this lifestyle is your business model. Your Business Model is basically how you will set up and run your business. It describes how you will make your money, how you will treat your clients and how you and your employees will operate from day to day. If you want to run your business as a Couch Potato Millionaire then you damn sure better plan your business strategy to allow for it. Jim Collins said it best in his book “Good To Great”. Where he states you need to get people on the bus or better yet working with you on your masterplan. As a sidenote, this book is a mandatory read for any aspiring mogul follow the yellow brick road and GET IT HERE!

Now back to that Couch Potato plan…..At this point I am sure most people will dig their heels into the sand and say “Stop Right There!, I dont have any money to hire folks.” Wrong! You have social currency. And if you do research on great companies, you will see that the founders usually came together on a dream and a handshake. No money involved. Therefore I suggest you map out a list of tasks that will need to occur in your new company. From there, make an assestment of everyone you may have ever met and plug in their names to fill the position. If you want to do nothing but checks, then pencil your role in as CCC or Chief Check Casher. Following this you have to talk your company into existence by recruiting these people on your bus. The key is not to worry about any No’s you get initially. If they dont say yes immediately then develop a plan to get a yes out of that person. This works! I had a guy hound me about joining his company to advise him. I told him NO a thousand times until the day I realised his relentlessnes and undeniable progress. I immediately offered my services for equity in the company with no upfront cost.

The process of recruiting is not easy but then again I cant say that it is extremely hard either. As long as you continue to share your dreams with everybody that you talk to, getting people on the bus will be a fairly easy process. Trust me, I have done it myself with major success. I make it a way of life instead creating partner recruiting as another task item on my list. I will sum it up this way….the next time someone asks you “Hey! How have you been? What have you been up to latelt?,” your standard reply needs to be all about your dream business. Mention all of the success that you have experienced and state that you are progressing so fast that you need help. Request help from them or a person that they know will be a good fit. After a few months of doing this your network of future business partners/employees should be pretty big. Lastly, I will say Get Started Now because this cost you nothing. We have just killed the “I Have No Money” excuse.