The word different does not begin to describe the Austin based hip-hop artist Buddy Cheeks. After pursuing a music career for close to two decades now, his brand is beginning to polarize fans. You either fall in love with his vibe and sound or you hate it. This swing of the pendulum seems to bring joy to Cheeks as he tends to laugh at the idea of not making everyone happy. He often responds by stating, “art has never been able to be rated, graded or labeled. I push the boundaries as far as I can then hunt for people that vibe with the result.” 

Betting on this strategy paid off over the past year as his relationship struggle single entitled Pretend has racked up over 500,000 spins combined on streaming networks.  That was soon followed up with the successful release of his Valentine’s Day Reject EP.  International recognition, regional touring and selfies of fans donning his patented “Sad Buddy” logo began to pop up all over the internet.

This new found success has brought about an even bigger set of goals for Cheeks and his team. As a result, Cheeks and his longtime manager have formed the Square Circle Media company and began production for a drama/comedy series loosely based on his career.  With Cheeks starring as the main character, he anticipates sharing more of his personality and music in a much more effective manner.  

When he isn’t in front of the camera or working on music, you can also find Buddy Cheeks speaking about entrepreneurship and career opportunities for the underprivileged. He has made it a mission to expose the infinite number of options available in an attempt to spark passion in an otherwise misled demographic.  Cheeks and his team have formed the Square Circle fan tribe as a medium to support this mission.