About Cheeks

“We all were created to be great, and I just want to show people how to be great!” Spend anytime in the recording studio with Buddy Cheeks and you will hear this mantra over and over again. Being a grassroot producer and artist, music has given the self proclaimed hippie rapper a platform to do so. In his recordings and visual media, Cheeks draws influences from the sizeable number of Hip-Hop eras he has endured through. Fans can expect anything from high energy rock infused tracks to sing along melody driven anthems. He takes a free flowing yet calculated approach to song creation in order to catch the true essence of his music in a similar fashion to a few of his favorites such as Common, Kanye West and Bob Dylan. However, his current sound falls more into the category of a J Cole or Nipsey Hussle.

After a 5 year layoff to lay a foundation in tech entrepreneurship, Cheeks is aggressively moving to elevate his brand to a widely recognized force. With a new single titled Pretend where he delivers a commercial smash co-starring the rising indie artist Izzar Thomas, he is rapidly winning the hearts of music fans in his home state of Texas.