The word different does not begin to describe Austin, TX new hip-hop artist Buddy Cheeks. After pursuing a music career for close to two decades now, his brand is beginning to polarize fans. You either fall in love with his vibe and sound or you hate it. This swing of the pendulum seems to bring joy to Cheeks as he tends to laugh at the idea of not making everybody happy. He often retorts with a philosophical response of, “In life, no matter what you do, there are going to be people that hate you, but at the same time, there will be people that love you no matter what you do. I like to hang out with and focus on those people.”

Nevertheless, Buddy Cheeks built a sizable buzz in 2019 after a multi-year hiatus from music with the release of his relationship struggle record Pretend. His pattern of mixing the classical jazz sound with modern day 808 drum patterns and tempos immediately caught the ear of fans across the globe leading to regional touring and corporate attention.

With a new year and newly revived drive, the self-professed hippy rapper is back to deliver more of his eccentric sound and be what he calls “a voice for the rejects.” February will bring the release of Valentine’s Day Reject the first in a series of “Reject” mixtapes.